Projecto GO


  • Construction
  • Architecture
  • Real Estate
  • Company Book
  • Leaflet
  • Design

Projecto GO, real estate promotion, construction and architecture.

Projecto GO operates in Mozambique, in the construction and engineering sectors. It is a part of Grupo Omega, and as such operates under the same directives. The challenge was set, the goal was to create a portfolio book and a set of materials, that would illustrate and represent the company’s varied work in many different areas.

Colours & Materials

The deep orange intertwines with the pure white, depending on the choice of background colour, while the metallic grey serves as a secondary complimentary colour, to both primary colours mentioned before. The idea is to communicate a youthful look, and a certain energy, encapsulated by the use of vivid colours.

Deep Orange


Metallic Grey


Pure White